Our Philosophy

Less is more

Thorax21 is a tightly integrated package, doing away with a dedicated FFB controller and utilizing the motor driver and motor control fuzzy logic PI control to achieve it’s exceptional feedback performance. You will not find 20 settings, spring, inertia, damping etc. With our algorithm we’ve reduced complexity so that you can concentrate on racing and not spend hours trying to dial in your wheel.

By integrating the force feedback in the motor controller, Thorax21 have been measured with a response time as low as 1.3ms, 2-14 times lower than other wheels on the market. Thorax21 is not a “Motor with an electronics box”, It’s a fully integrated wheel, beautifully finished with it’s integrated cooling system allowing the ability to use motors with much lower inertia, increasing fidelity.

Features and Specifications

Latency & Performance

Our unique force based fuzzy logic PI controller does away with the traditional high latency FFB external controllers. Our solution processes FFB effects within the motor driver itself with no latency at 8Khz. You can expect a latency of around 1.3ms.

Software Solution

Powered by SimNerve, Thorax21 is easily configured. With only a handful of settings finding the correct sweet spot is simple and quick. Profiles are saved and are automatically loaded without user intervention. Thorax is compatible with most games.


Thorax21 is enhanced by telemetry feedback from the game, uniquely providing realistic RPM feedback, suspension enhanced feedback and further unique force enhancements. **Telemetry and Profile support on limited games only.**

Dimensions & Weight

The Thorax21 eSports and eSportsPro are compact wheel bases with a housing dimension of 100mm x 100mm x 235mm weighing 9kg. The Thorax21 SimuPro measures 130mm x 120mm x 265mm and weighs 11kg.

Hardware Features

All Thorax models utilize full current resolution for the highest resolution fidelity. Our controller is stable and doesn’t have any runaway conditions, no emergency stop necessary. 

Warranty & Support

We’ve worked tirelessly to improve our controllers, benefiting from advancements made on our simulators,Thorax21 comes with a 3 Year Warranty.


Thorax21 SimuPro 30Nm

The Thorax21 SimuPro offers torque to spare, 30Nm of torque is available for those requiring accurate high torque vehicle simulation. All while remaining with a low intertia 100mm frame motor, the SimuPro doesn’t compromise fidelity for increased force. Pricing starts at $1250 (Next batch available end of June)


Thorax21 eSportsPro 20Nm

The Thorax21 eSports Pro model improves on the standard eSports edition with a higher resolution encoder, hollow shaft with pass through wiring and a luxurious Alcantara finished housing. Pricing starts at $850. (Next batch available end of June)


Thorax21 eSports 13Nm

The Thorax21 eSports model is our new entry level wheelbase, with solid shaft, universal 70mm spacing the eSports edition has full current resolution over its 13Nm of torque, giving the ultimate in fidelity. Active cooling allows for a much smaller motor, keeping inertia significantly lower than competitive offerings. Experience the performance of Direct Drive at unmatched pricing starting at $650. (Next batch available end of June)