Our Philosophy

Less is more

Redesigned from the ground up, the latest DragonFly21 boasts 60% less mass on the platform without sacrificing stiffness, leading to the allowance of 20mm pitch screws. Our inverted screw actuators does away with any load bearing sliding solutions, with the ball nut acting as both a rotational and linear roller bearing. This solution, effective in simplifying the actuator design, also reduces friction significantly, leading to the actuators being able to transfer high definition feedback from the motors to the machine.

With response times as low as 3.5ms, the Dragonfly21 provides a latency free motion experience. The DragonFly21 is not a platform with industrial actuators attached, actuators are fully integrated minimalist designs, the machine is beautifully finished with ample leg and floor space, ultra quiet and suitable for home installations.

Features and Specifications

Latency & Performance

Our unique force based fuzzy logic PI controller provides smoother analog motion without filtering detail, after years of development the quality of our motion is unmatched. With robust Ethernet connectivity and 800mm/s linear actuator speeds, the DragonFly21 is also one of the fastest 6-Axis machines available on the market. With up to 400hz vibration the DragonFly21 gives accurate rpm vibration frequencies improving the overall realism feel of the machine.

Software Solution

Powered by SimNerve, the DragonFly21 is easily configured. Profiles are saved and are automatically loaded without user intervention. Motion can be provided by Simtools and FlyPT Mover. SimNerve powered motion is coming soon!


DragonFly21 is enhanced by telemetry feedback from the game through SimNerve, uniquely providing realistic RPM feedback and suspension enhanced feedback. **Telemetry and Profile support on limited games only.**

Dimensions & Weight

The DragonFly21 requires roughly 2.5m x 2.5m of floor space, height will fit in a typical roof space, reduced weight makes the machine easier to assemble than previous models. The shipping weight is +-240Kg including the shipping crate.

Hardware Features

The DragonFly21 utilizes 3.5Nm(9Nm peak) reliable Brushless DC motors with a unique screw design where the nut is rotated and the screw remains stationary. This design allows the screw to act as a load bearing member of the machine, removing the need for a support structure such as a tube or rods.

Warranty & Support

We’ve worked tirelessly to improve our controllers and actuator design and the result is a high degree of confidence and a 5 Year Warranty on the DragonFly21.



Our unique inverted screw drive with a 20mm pitch for high speed, high fidelity and combined with our new updated electronics, high reliability. Pricing starts at $16000 (Production +-12 Weeks)


DragonFly21 Direct Drive

Coming soon, we’re bringing ultra high ratio high torque actuators effectively making the DragonFly21 “Direct Drive” with even less noise, higher fidelity and speed. Pricing to start at $20000.