All about stability.


Gaming hardware, essentially due to the nature of the gaming market, isn’t designed around stability, instead gaming hardware squeezes every bit of performance from the CPU, Motherboard, GPU etc. What we’re seeing is regularly non-gaming hardware having higher IO through put, and more stability.

The question then of course is, in an eSports scenario, or simulation scenario, do we really need bleeding edge performance? I’m arguing that you do not, instead, you need stability and reliability. Sim racing and Sim flight doesn’t have the same requirements as FPS shooters.   


The alternative?

Of course then the question is, how do we play games at high frame rates without using so called bleeding edge hardware? Well one option is to look at high end desktop/workstation solutions, with the addition of a high end GPU. Majority of the issues we’ve seen around latency, software stability etc. can probably be blamed on the motherboard. 

Another solution would be to stick with branded products. Acer, Asus, Dell(Alienware), HP etc. all have dedicated gaming solutions which more than likely have better stability and more mature driver development compared to a DIY/store built machine.